Sunday, August 1, 2010

More rants with some few raves!

Now must be the summer of our discontent. It’s somewhat hot here in the great north land of Southern Minnesota along with a sprinkling of foul bugs, horseflies, mosquitoes, and other such creatures. Even the blogosphere seems to have a slowdown. Instapundit has few daily posts, for him that is, Althouse is searching in the hinterlands for subjects for her blog postings, Google news page is bland, and Drudge doesn’t seem to have content changes very quickly right now.

And, lastly, Minnesota Congressional District 2 election news is pretty pathetic and sparse. There are two Democrat party contenders trying to run against Representative Kline, who’s very popular here for several reasons. Yet, Kline is an incumbent and all such stand a danger of being kicked out; alas, even the good ones run that risk and Kline is a good one (My personal opinion, so there!).

One issue that concerns me very much is that the GOP could fall flat on its collective face this fall unless it really convinces voters of the need to change the makeup of both houses of Congress. Minnesota is spared a contest for the senate this year, mores’ the pity. Paul Ryan, a good Wisconsin representative, developed what he calls the “A Roadmap for America’s Future.” Ryan’s effort could become the basis for the 2010 version of Gingrich’s 1994 Contract with America. Yet Ryan’s effort seems not to be gaining momentum with other Republicans. My guess, unfounded but still perhaps a great hope, is that Ryan would be more than willing to work with other Republicans and put out a dynamic contract with the voters, outlining how the Republicans want to replace President Obama’s “Hope and Change” slop with positive efforts to boost America’s economy back to a healthy place.

So, again in my very humble opinion, unless the Republicans get on the ball and work together and especially with groups like the Tea Party, or better yet to listen to that group of concerned citizens, we could be stuck with Speaker Pelosi and Leader Reid; not a desirable outcome indeed. So, does the GOP pull defeat from the face of victory or does it stand tall and listen to the voters, We The People. We want America to stand up, defend itself, defend the rights of all regardless of race, creed, or degree of wealth, and to encourage that great American spirit to get moving and revitalize our economy. Where to start? That’s one of the questions!

Lastly, in my opinion, Congress and the federal government need to stop trying to run and control our lives; look at how unsuccessful it was with regard to the BP oil spill and how much it caused the spill to happen (The Coast Guard failed greatly during the initial days of the oil rig fire and then destruction of the rig itself.) and failed to follow the government’s own guidelines on the spill cleanup. We want the federal government o run our lives, to manage our healthcare, to control our many public corporations? Well, do we?

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