Saturday, July 31, 2010

Some minor rants and raves; very minor indeed!

I’m coming out of a blue funk, started most likely by a severe case of allergies this spring and even now still in full bloom. But then that’s a personal problem, which can be well overcome by minor personal effort.

Rant number one is that our national malaise continues unabated, with only minor pushes from President Obama. Not everything negative in our current political world is Obama’s fault, in fact since he and his minions won that last election, we the people gave him the power to do what he wants. Unfortunately, Obama told us more than enough during his campaign to foretell what his administration would promote. We the voting public either didn’t pay sufficient attention to Obama’s statements or we instead ignored them. Well, not quite true as to ignoring Obama’s many statements yet that is the effect of what we did.

Obama also said, several times, that his future administration would be a moderate one, centrist and down the middle; no extreme politics for him, no sir. Those last statements of his were the ones the most adoring media types pushed and emphasized during the campaign. At long last, America would have a typical American government of the people, not like that harsh and extreme regime of the Bushes. As Shirley Sherrod so eloquently said when she addressed a large gathering this past spring, the long nightmare of living under “The Bushes” was over. While I must have missed it, apparently large groups of concentration camp prisoners were set free once Obama became president; hurrah for that, I guess; incidentally, Ms Sherrod’s speech last spring was very recently shown on the internet, the speech a strong mixture of the horror of growing up in those halcyon days of the ‘60s, a brief recap of the horror under the “Bushes,” and how much she had personally grown from no longer hating white people to an understanding that her life was involved with a class struggle.

So, is that the key to understanding what President Obama is all about? Is Ms Sherrod’s class struggle what delineates Obama from previous presidential administrations? Yes, we’ve always had rich, poorer, and a middle class of a sort, but we used to say that America was a classless society. Anyone could become wealthy through his, or her, own personal efforts. Alternatively, we could become wealthy the old fashioned ways, inherit wealth, steal wealth, or get lucky at games of chance.

Perhaps no more for us; please no more thank you. Perhaps we’ll go the route of Czarist Russia and turn out the haves and turn over what they have to the “have nots!” While I can’t imagine that happening in this country, I couldn’t have imagined what’s happened the last 18-months happening in the USA.

No, this isn’t my last rant but it’ll do for today, for right now.

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