Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Immigration perhaps?

Senator Grassley of Iowa was given a leaked copy of a draft memo on how the Obama Administration could go about circumventing Congress on amnesty for illegal immigrations. My bet is that the disclosure of this leaked document will raise a minor tempest but nothing too major, perhaps.

However, President Obama has said on a number of occasions that he will not address border security, a current hot button for states like Arizona, until comprehensive immigration laws have been enacted. This approach was done in the Reagan years and it came a cropper. The result was that the estimated 3 to 4-million illegals then present in the USA grew to the current estimate of over 12-million illegals; however some say it could be as high as perhaps 20-million now here illegally.

So, the apparent desire of the Obama Administration for amnesty seems to be the president’s goal. But what do we ordinary citizens think of that goal? Are we for or against immigration or is that even the question?

My personal guess is that instead many Americans want our nation’s border secured against illegal entry before the topic of immigration amnesty is raised. However, others may well disagree, so be it.

Yet, the point Senator Grassley raised is pertinent on whether the Obama Administration should bypass Congress on that issue, perhaps also whether that would be legal in and of itself or Constitutional even.

One topic I’ve not heard discussed regarding the Administration’s desires includes the president’s pardon powers. While I’m not a lawyer, and have never played one on TV, radio, or the stage, my bet is that a president can pardon anyone for any reason relating to federal laws or crimes. And, if a quid-pro-quo was present relating to that pardon, that in and of itself might be considered by some to be a crime; hire a lawyer and ask that question.

Yes, an outcry could happen if the American public doesn’t really like or appreciate a particular pardon. But, the pardon power in the instance of illegal immigration, used on a blanket basis could have the effect of really rocking the public boat and making life in these United States very rocky. I can’t see the most people accepting an act like that and hope it never comes to that. But, I have little respect for President Obama’s understanding of American hopes, dreams, and desires based on his track record since January 20, 2009. Our president seems to feel he knows best and can act whatever he wishes. Certainly having both houses of Congress willing to enact his political agenda, contrary to what many citizens want, especially in regard to federal spending, has allowed President Obama to affect a public swagger that seems unwarranted. At least recent public polling seems to indicate that our president’s popularity has greatly diminished recently.

It seems we really are experiencing that mythical Chinese curse of living in interesting times. Way too interesting for me. So, will our coming fall elections be held as scheduled or not? The answer might be: It depends!

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