Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Our Elections this coming fall.

November 2, 2010, could be a bellwether election, one where we really do throw out those incumbent “Bastards!” Of course, most of the time when “we” say incumbent, we’re really saying those nasty Democrat Party proles; at least, that’s what I mean. There was a time, not too many years ago when I counted myself as a Democrat, a so-called Blue Dog given today’s terminology, but in fact always a civil libertarian and prided myself on voting for the man, not the party. Then a strange thing happened and it became more important, in my view, to vote for the party not the man, depending on who that man was.

Today’s Democrat Party is not the one I used to feel represented my view better than those nasty Republicans, those strange people who liked Nixon. But that’s another matter altogether. Thing is that today’s Republicans seem to have gotten over their “Compassionate Conservative” nonsense somewhat and seem to understand that fiscal conservative views are in the best interests of our country. This does not even address social conservative issues and it turns out I’m pretty much a rock-ribbed conservative on that issue too.

Still, voting for a Republican does not ensure that you’re voting in fact for a fiscal conservative, simply improves those odds quite a bit that you have. My sympathies are with the Tea Party movement, they’re expressed desire to reduce government spending and to do away with much of the collective socialist legislation enacted under our current president; my own views and that’s all I can ever express; really hated to used the word “collective” here but it fit the statement well. But will those Tea Party folks actually affect the Republican Party? Time will tell and I do hope they will.

Yet, what will happen between now and November 2nd this fall? Will there be a national emergency, one that requires swift and strong immediate federal actions? We will voters recognize then the need to maintain our current elected Congressional members in office? Or, will we get that chance? Still, that’s my contribution to whatever conspiracy theories float out there in the internet or gossip.

It comes down to my view that President Obama does not recognize, nor appreciate, what America stands for. Our president has got the words down yet listen to what he says when speaking to a foreign audience; his apologies for our country, his lack of acknowledging the good this country has done in the past 100-years, his seemingly misstatements about what his country represents. So, no, in my view President Obama does not represent anything more than a person who wishes to consolidate power to himself. He speaks about “his” secretary of state, “his” attorney general, his homeland security secretary; these are not “his” officers, they are officers of this country, never “his” in the sense I think he’s using.

So, that’s one small reason why I fear a national emergency this fall because I believe President Obama will do what some might do in his position and that’s to seize total power over this country. That would be one way President Obama would realize his goal of establishing his view of what this country should be; forget about all those old Constitutional “negative” rights; he thinks only about what rights his administration can enforce.

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