Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Day after November 2nd

Well, will the day after this year’s mid-terms bring a reaction from the Democrats? It’s been expected that the Democrat Party will lose its majority in the House and perhaps also in the Senate. So, will the Democrats go ahead with their threat to pass legislation during the lame duck session that it wasn’t willing to pass before the elections? We’ll find out soon enough! The Republicans, if they in fact win majorities in the houses of Congress, can always make the strong suggestion they’d be more than willing to freeze anything the Obama Administration might try and pass in the new Congress. Perhaps that Republican suggestion will include holding back funding for any new or expanded Administration effort?

But, one concern I have is in regard to Candidate Obama’s statement that he wanted a “civilian police force with the same size budget as the Pentagon!” I recall this statement was made during a 2008 campaign stop in Colorado. Obama’s statement was not highly discussed during the campaign yet it goes far beyond what anyone else, to the best of my knowledge, has ever proposed for this country. Obama’s statement is that he wanted a federal police force, one to enforce a federal mandate on the population. So, what could that mandate be? Of course, if this assertion is correct, certainly the Obama’s federal police force statement is correct, then what’s next. When President Bush had the Patriot Act passed, there was much gnashing of teeth that Bush was trying to bring about a police state. Well, few of us on the Conservative side of politics shared that fear of Bush but I certainly do share that fear regarding Obama.

Remember, Obama is the one who has made many apologies for America’s past behaviors and acts. Obama has indicated that he did not want “victory” in either Iraq or Afghanistan yet seemed to offer victory to the Arab states versus Israel. His wife said, during the 2008 campaign, that she felt proud of America for the first time, so she too had strong reservations about our country. President Obama’s ego is very large, every time he speaks, he talks about what his plans are, what his department heads are doing, what his administration wants to accomplish, never about America or what the country’s federal departments are doing. If nothing else, Obama has been the strangest president we’ve ever had.

So, yes, I do suspect that President Obama will not stand by and allow a diminishment of his administration to happen, not without a fight. I suspect Obama would use a lame duck Congress to put through his concept of a federal police force of a sufficient strength to mimic the Pentagon in size.

There’s an old adage that power tends to corrupt and that absolute power corrupts absolutely. I doubt whether Obama would be further corrupted by power since he’s been most successful trying to remake this country into his image of a Socialist state. Obama’s background is that of a Socialist first mentored by Frank Davis in Hawaii, later associating with Bill Ayers in several ways back in Chicago and perhaps even while both were at Columbia University, plus accounts of his being at various gatherings of Socialist groups during the 1980s and 1990s. Obama has shown to date a marked tendency to use his office’s strong administration powers rather than attempt to get something through Congress, that contempt for Congress might very well manifest itself after November 2nd.

Somehow, I doubt whether Obama’s being on track to be a one term president is of strong concern to him. Of far more concern is whether he is successful in remaking America to fit his ideological image, where wealth is redistributed, where personal effort is not the concern but rather that everyone be treated fairly regardless of effort; where equal outcomes are guaranteed not equal opportunity; in other words, the Socialist dream.

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