Sunday, October 24, 2010

9. Socialism must be destroyed

The phrase in Turkish under the heading of my blog, if I did it correctly, reads that Socialism must be destroyed. This is loosely based on Cato the Elder’s personal motto was that Carthage must be destroyed. That ancient time period would have been before the third and final war between Carthage and Rome. Rome did defeat Carthage for a third time and utterly destroyed Carthage, removing for all time whatever threat Carthage had been to Rome.

It’s not my intent to actually destroy socialism, which is, after all, a philosophy, but with sinister results wherever it’s been tried. So, how does one defeat, destroy such a belief? I really don’t know, just like I don’t know how authoritarian governments can destroy the idea of freedom. As long as Mankind exists, the desire, the need for freedom will be present within some humans.

So, no, I do not expect socialism to be destroyed, merely totally discredited each time it is resurrected. It took many years from the time of ancient Athens to the era of America resuming the concept of freedom in our daily lives. We Americans either work to maintain our freedom, actually each of our many freedoms, or we lose all.

After World War II, there was a saying in the USA that” It couldn’t happen here;” meaning that Nazism and Communism couldn’t grow in freedom’s fertile soil. That saying was most na├»ve at best since we are now on the road to turning our freedom over to those who would like to rule us in the name of something holy; actually something unholy.

What must be destroyed is the idea that socialism could thrive and grow here. Our native soil only allows, hopefully, strong ideas of freedom and liberty. All authoritarian concepts need to wilt and diminish in our country.

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