Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Authoritative Socialist Mind

Ever notice that Socialists are driven to denigrate their opponents, even those other Socialists with whom they might disagree on a minor point? It seems to be the lot of these strange socialists to be disagreeable and especially to try to control the lives of their fellow humans. So, should we conservatives try and adopt those strange and ridiculous socialist ways or should we ignore them and go on our own path?

Well, the answer to that ponderous question is “Yes!” Yes in the sense that we should adopt those ways, and means, that have been so effectively used by socialists of every stripe. An example being the Alinsky technique of ridiculing others in any way possible. Yes, we should thusly ridicule socialists every time their open their mouth and make stupid statements. Put them down sharply, without remorse or qualm, or pangs of conscience. Does anyone truly believe that socialists give a damn about the feelings of anyone else? They truly do not, as shown time and again by socialist everywhere.

Recently, a college professor of some stripe claimed that he understood why conservatives loved war and loved to exert authoritative control over others. Not certain why this poor benighted individual did not recognize that his nanny state friends loved to tell everyone else how to live, what to eat, when to drive, how to move from place to place and whatever else might come to mind as an action or act to control in some way.

It seems that the nanny state mind set socialists exhibit is much more representative of the classical authoritative command and control state condition we’ve seen exist throughout human history. The more recent examples include Castro’s Cuba, Chavez’s Venezuela, North Korea, China’s “State Capitalism,” Iran’s theocratic form of state control, the Sudan, and many other such examples throughout our history. More distant, yet still recent examples include the USSR, any of the former Eastern European Bloc counties, Nazi Germany, Mussolini’s Italy, and Argentina under either Peron.

We tend to mask the history of this set of dictatorships by calling them fascists or Nazi or old-fashioned Communism. Russia’s version of communism killed many millions of its own people. Nazi Germany killed not only its own people but many peoples of many other countries. China’s Mao killed probably more of his own fellow citizens than any other tyrant in history. Vietnam’s Uncle Ho was not a kindly type of uncle since he too killed many of his people and many of his political opponents.

Still, this college professor claims that conservatives are the ones who love war and who love authoritative governments. He claimed that President George W. Bush established a dictatorship (Run by Vice President Cheney!), which restricted our American freedoms, controlled our lives, dictated what we could do or not do, and lastly must have killed off many millions of us Americans. Strange, never knew that to have happened. Although it’s certainly possible something might have happened and our famed investigative press did not know of those acts.

However, this is the same press that never noticed any of the issues that have arisen from President Obama’s administration, so this kind professor might have a point. No, wrong, the Obama question seems to have another cause and not the lack of investigative ability of our press.

My guess is that this strange and benighted college professor is another in a long line of socialists, who have tried to hide behind the shield of false claims, or spurious statements, and wild accusations to settle down smugly in a cloistered study, safe from criticism or from open honest debate. Socialists truly do live in a closed state of being; one where honest debate is non-existent, where socialist orthodoxy rules all activities.

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