Monday, April 26, 2010

3. Abuse of power by Congress.

Congress has enacted legislation since President Obama gained office that some citizens cannot understand nor abide. We citizens have been told that “no,” proposed bills will not be read, that “no,” we shall find out what a proposed bill contains once it has been passed. We were told that to object to healthcare legislation was inherently racist, that those who objected were wrong, that health care costs would be lower, that healthcare would not be rationed, that now all Americans would have healthcare insurance coverage.

A recent news report now says that Congress might not continue to enjoy its previous good healthcare benefit, that while it’s not certain that is the case, it does appear that the new federal healthcare law forbids, perhaps, Congress from having its own version of healthcare. The reporters who found this fascinating twist are not certain as to the wording of the law, its meaning, or when it part would in fact take effect. Very recently, a federal agency came out saying that healthcare costs would in fact rise because of the new healthcare bill.

A number of hospitals, 60 or so, will be closed because the new healthcare law requires that doctor owned hospitals not receive Medicare or Medicaid payments. Apparently this characteristic was not previously understood by many. So, is this a benefit for which we should be thankful?

Some objected during the so-called debate for healthcare that the law would establish “Death Panels,” with the president’s men saying that was false, please let that be true! However, we now find that Social Security may deny certain recipients Medicaid coverage because their children now receive disability payments. The government gives and takes away, sometimes quite rapidly, and often without a sense of what would be justice or humane. But, it’s done legally, according to our new law.

We are now in the midst of a great recession, one we all hope will not become a depression. And now Congress wishes to debate enacting an energy tax, a cap and trade law, sometimes called a “Cap and Tax” act. Unemployment has risen to well over nine percent of the labor force, with the actual number thought to be higher still. Some so-called “Bush” tax cuts are due to expire soon, which shall be an actual tax increase for those previously enjoying reduced taxes; but this is not a tax increase according to our government; a mere choice of words for others.

Other federal officials also talk about tax increases, but only on those whose taxes should be raised, never on the middle class. Others talk about adding a value added tax on top of existing taxes and other new taxes. We after all have a huge federal deficit, which must be reduced by increasing revenues, never by reducing spending, now ever growing and becoming a great cause of concern to many, Still, Congress talks about extending unemployment benefits since many out of work individuals are reaching the end of their benefit period. The question is how to pay for this noble expenditure, which it is in fact, and that question is bypassed because the need for benefits is paramount. However, even one of the president’s most trusted advisors has said that unemployment benefits only discourage the unemployed from looking for work.

Much talk is made about how cruel supply side economics were during those dinosaur years under Reagan, when our economy roared and we also destroyed a cruel enemy without the use of force. Still those years must have been cruel because taxes were cut on the evil rich while only more modestly on the deserving rest of us.

So, today we must become more noble, more caring, with more largess expended wherever it may be done, without care for the cost, while ensuring that benefits accrue only to the worthy amongst us.

This Congress is acting to enable President Obama’s restructuring of America, his requested demanded legislation, his plan to “Remake America” as he said he would do when he came into office. If we agree with our president’s plan, then we must do nothing but applaud his acts. If we disagree, then we must act politically. The TEA Party movement is doing a splendid job of bringing forth reasons to oppose this president politically. We must support and continue this TEA Party effort as long as it remains the kind and gentle force it has been and shall remain until the president’s Congressional support is voted out of office.

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